To Uncle Herbs Health Center:


I have been a patient at Uncle Herbs Health Center since January 2014. I use cannabis to treat my peripheral neuropathology and 11th seizures, which are a result of my HIV diagnosis. I prefer sativa strains as they do not make me tired and enable me to function regularly during the day. One of the strains that has brought me noticeable relief is Uncle Herbs Liberty Haze. This strain helps stimulate my appetite and reduces my seizures caused by the neuropathology. I used to suffer from seizures about once a week, mostly at night, which caused me to loose mobility at times. I would have to jump out of bed and move around to help prevent the loss of mobility as advised by my doctor. These repeated episodes did not make for a very restful nights sleep and as a result I had to resign from my job. Since using cannabis, my seizures have subsided to one episode about every six months. Thank you for your continued support and providing high- quality, effective medicine.

- Stephen Bourdeau

Dear Uncle Herbs,


We have been using Uncle Herb’s cannabis oil as a part of our son Zander’s treatment since April 2014. We use the cannabis oil as an emergency medication when Zander is having a seizure that last longer than three minutes or when he has three or more in one hour. The medication takes full effect within 1-2 hours and relieves his episodes completely. After administering, Zander usually naps for about 30 minutes to an hour and wakes up in a happy and giddy mood. The effects of the cannabis oil enable Zander to be seizure free for 10 to 12 hours.


Since beginning Zander’s cannabis treatment, he has shown numerous developmental improvements. He has shown increased focus for extended periods of time. He started making eye contact and has begun to identify many people in his life and their roles. One of them being his physical therapist- he immediately starts doing squats when his therapist arrives for their sessions. His walking has improved in addition to overall increased stamina and general tenacity. Zander is currently using a speech device at school to help him communicate and is practicing his sign language. He is understanding commands better, even though he may not always listen like a typical 6 year old. Thank you for your continued donations and your overall contribution to Zander’s improved health.




- Jennifer Welton

 It started long ago around 8 years now some of the worlds finest doctors could estimate; specializing in brain cancer, Epilepsy and the removal of mine. With one out of close to twenty Brain Tumors located in my front right temporal Lobe, being the size of a tennis ball directly behind my right eye, Surgery taking place September 11th 2013. It has been a long & rough road leading up to my full recovery and remission for over a year now. Around the time of my diagnosis, I was told in June that I wouldn't make it to open Christmas presents., I say it easily now but reminiscing back to the time that the Doctors at the Mayo clinic told me the news,....It was quite difficult not knowing whether I would be alive in 4 months or not., my wife had just left me, I shut down the division I was managing for my company while living in louisiana for 5years and moving to Texas. So with being left by the love of my life, shutting down my job and disbursing all my employees to other divisions along with moving and signing divorce papers was pretty difficult, but the worst thing out of that rough season in my life was having hundreds and thousands of "Aura Seizures" a day. I can only describe them as constantly going in and out of brain blank outs followed by the extreme feeling of immediate death, similar to a panic attack times a 1000. Now you have heard the preface to what I experienced, now you shall hear how I made it through the even more extreme seizures as my tumors rapidly grew along side the months leading up-to my brain surgery. I began my first trip to the Mayo clinic in AZ to begin treatment of medications that would cause me to have terrible side effects, just a few examples would be "walking like a drunken sailor, talking like one as well, and sometimes being zombie like, not sleeping or sleeping through my alarm clock entirely for hours on end. Missing work was a common event due to severe stomach pains and urinary, prostate troubles. All of these Medictations 26 a day to be exact, we're suppose to stop my grand-mall seizures and the t spikes in between but not one single day did I go with less seizures let alone none as the elaphant sized doses of medications prescribed to me we're suppose to do. I was given every possible anti epileptic & Pain Medication you that the best doctors could prescribe. Not once did I feel anything but worse. Then one day I had a conversation with a local doctor outside of the Mayo clinic as at that time they did not condone any use of medicinals. So I was went scouring the area for a Medicinal Herbal Clinic., and I could only find these back ally blacked out hole in the wall so called dispensaries who offered a couple selections of plain ol flower. I was then recommended by a very reputable doctor to go to Uncle Herbs, so as I googled it and saw it was nestled in the mountains in a beautiful town about 20 minutes outside Phoenix, so I booked it straight there, at this point I had been shopping for around two weeks straight in between treatments for a descent place that had a variety of edible candies, snacks, and so on as it was difficult to keep an appetite as well. I called ahead of time and told the lovely staff if I recall a young talented professional named Stacey, my situation because they were closing and I was in need. Well she spoke with her owner and such and they actually stayed late to help fulfill my request of medicinals. Once I arrived I was simply amazed, I felt like I was in a futuristic medical lab but yet at willy wonkas factory at the same time! It was amazing the variety of products for every occasion and ailment I had., there were times I could smoke and times I couldn't so they described the science behind all of the different strands and benifits to them etc., they set me up with great deals and I was on my way. After beginning to use some if the candies and tincture and other products I could not believe it, my Seizures instantly stopped they gave me the products that I needed, containing high CBD levels and it honestly was a life saver, my doctors began to run test on me as I explained to them what I was using and the head physician who is the president of the national numerology society of the United States, began to recommend officially for me to continue the use of Uncle Herbs Products, as before he officially quote un quote couldn't. But seeing my EEG results going to zero seizures there was no other explanation I could go on and on, but I will leave you with this, the amount of pain that is endured after your entire scull is sawed open, split then brain tumors removed l.....is more than I have ever imagined, and using the tinctures and candies I bought at My Uncle Herbs out did any morphine, fentanyl, hydro codeine and a few others in the painkiller family. I began to stop those prescribed completely after a couple days and used only a few different products from uncle herbs and it was simply amazing how well it worked, after having major back surgery, surgeries on both my feet my wrist, my eye and a few others, I'm no stranger to pain and know what works. So I can say that I have been blessed to one be alive and two be guided to Uncle Herbs and invited in with open arms and treated with the upmost professionalism and care, I have kept in contact with them to this very day. I hope it's not in-appropriate to say thank you to the staff for checking up on me for over a year now after my brain surgery, Thank you, that is all to rare these days.




Ron M.