Testing in the medical marijuana industry is optional, however, at Uncle Herb’s Health Center we believe in holding our medications to the highest standard possible to ensure they are safe for consumption. Our testing process covers mold, pesticides, and cannabinoid levels. Patients need to be aware of the concentration of their medical cannabis, as this is fundamental in allowing the patient to choose the correct medicine for the symptoms, as well as determining the proper dose and to ensure consistent results.


Uncle Herb’s testing process is based on two deciding factors: safety screening and potency quantification. Safety screening analyzes and detects contamination of pathogenic molds, which can threaten the health of patients with compromised immune systems. Potency quantification provides the percentages of three major cannabinoids: THC, CBD, and CBN. Later stages of the program will include the use of patient surveys to develop a comprehensive database of the efficacy of medical cannabis.


Uncle Herb’s patients are able to access the testing results in three ways: labels in display cases, labels on products, and a book of complete test results. Labels include percentages for THC, CBD, and CBN. These labels are posted in medicine display cases, as well as affixed to the products themselves. A book containing complete spectrometry reports for each product is available at the service counter for patients who desire more detailed analytical results. Testing services commenced with an initial launch period to identify and develop the logistics of sample collection and result identification. For more information regarding our lab analysis and using medical marijuana, please visit this link.

Why Test Marijuana?